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Related post: Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2003 09:17:05 -0800 (PST) From: Max Hewitt Subject: "Punking Mike," ch. 2This story involves sex between two guys. If you shouldn't be reading stuff like that, move on. In this story, the characters don't use condoms. In the real world, anybody who doesn't practice safe sex is a preteen lolita nude biz menace to himself and society. Don't be a menace.It's okay to print underground russian lolita sample this story out or save it to disc, but don't transfer it to another website or archive it without my permission, please.Thanks to TW for doing the beta reading here.Lilperv76yahoo.comChapter 2[MC = Mike Cronin; SW = Seth Watkins; JK = Jason Kinsey]MC:The first thing I wanted to do after Seth left was take a shower, so I started toward the house. 12 y o lollitas My ass hurt a little and it also felt kind of empty. As I went through the kitchen, I gave in to my habit and picked up the phone to see if there was anything on the voice mail. Sure enough, the tone was beeping at me, so I dialed in the number. There was one message. From Dad. He was calling to tell me that he had to go out of town suddenly and wouldn't be back until late the next afternoon.`Yeah, right. Like I believe that. He's going to spend the night with his boyfriend,' I thought. So, there would be no confrontation tonight with the son of a bitch that I had always loved. My eyes filled with tears. `How could he do that to Mom and me?'In the shower, I turned the water on as hot as I could stand it and washed myself all over. Then I did it again. As I washed my crack, junior lolita blow jobs I felt my swollen and tender bunghole. Not that that surprised me. Feeling like I needed to clean myself out, gothic lolita chat rooms I soaped up the middle nude little lolita bbs finger of my right hand and gently inserted it into my chute. I had never done that before. Seriously. It just seemed so gross and so -- gay -- I had never gotten up the nerve to do it.Despite the tenderness in that region, it felt good to have my finger there. I wiggled it around a little, and, damn, I had a hardon! After everything that had dorki lolita kds pedo happened that afternoon, I was throwing wood. That really scared me. I extreme big kinderlolitas pussy could claim everything that happened was under duress, you might say, that Seth blackmailed me into going preteen lolita asian galleries along with his nasty stuff. I wondered what it said about me that I actually didn't want him to take his cock lola nude y o out of my ass, and it really felt good at the moment to have my finger up it.Then I just stood there, letting the water pour over me, thinking back on everything that had happened since Seth pulled into the driveway that morning. I was totally confused.When I stepped out of the shower, as I was drying myself, I looked in the mirror over the sink. My nipples were sticking out, lolita nude posing pic swollen, purplish. `Oh, God,' I thought. `They do look like a woman's!'I pulled on a tee, some shorts, and my flipflops. I went out and got the lawn mower and put it in the garage. I grabbed lolita r ygold teen the towel from the patio and threw it in the towel bin in the laundry. Then I nuked a frozen pizza. Hey, I should have been too upset to eat, but I'm nineteen! I have to admit, though, I didn't taste the pizza. I was just filling the hole in my stomach. I had a beer with it, figuring I`d earned it.After I had thrown the pizza box and the beer can in the trash, I called Marcy, my little lolitas forbidden link girl at the university. lolita angel girl russian She was home for the summer, too, and she lived 200 miles away, so we wouldn't see each other very often until fall. Of course I didn't tell her about what happened. I just thought I needed to touch base with her. And nude nudist lolita gallery it made me forget about Seth and the afternoon for a while as your 100 lolita topsites we talked.When I finished with Marcy, I went into the family room and put a couple of my favorite cd's on the changer, turned up the volume, sat in a recliner facing the speakers, and spaced out awhile.Later, I watched some mindless stuff on Comedy Central, and then hauled my sore ass upstairs to bed. Surprisingly, I slept like a baby. Stressed out and worn out, maybe? When I woke sweet lolitas no nudes up the next morning, I remembered everything with a jolt. I knew the confrontation with Dad would take place eventually, and that I had merely relatos orgias gothic lolitas been reprieved about that. Thank God Mom wouldn't be youngest teen lolita pics home for nearly a week, and I could sample free pics lolitas figure out what to tell her after I had talked with Dad. Always assuming, of course, that I had french lolita model pics any sort of life left after Seth got through with me.At breakfast I remembered he had told me I had to shave my body hair. Shit! Damn!! Fuck it all! I ran back upstairs to the bathroom, since I didn't know how early he was tiny schoolgirl 3d lolicon coming, and got into the shower, lathered myself up, and did what he told me I had to do.Some parts were okay. But did you ever try to shave your balls? Man, the skin is wrinkly, and, of course, you have to be VERY careful while you're shaving that area. I was really pretty tense by the time I got all that done. Breathing a sigh of relief, I toweled off, pulled on a pair of cotton knit gym shorts, the kind with the drawstring, and went back downstairs to await my nemesis. I figured I could always get them off before Seth actually saw me.I fixed some coffee and was drinking it out on the patio when he came around the corner of the house."I rang the bell, and nobody answered, dude, so I figured you'd be back here." He set a small bag on the patio table.`Dude?' young lolita erotic stories I wondered."Hey, what's this? I told you to be naked! You better remember, boy, to do what I tell you, or your whole family is going to be in deep shit!"I jumped up and dropped the shorts quickly. I remained standing, the shorts around my ankles."So, sue me! I thought I could get them off before you saw me.""You are just asking for it, Mikey! But, nude young boys lolitas hey, I see you shaved like I lolitas teen bbs guestbook told ya. Isn't that cute! You don't look like a man anymore, you look like a little boy!" SW:He did look just like a little boy, only bigger. preteens lolitas blue teens There was something about him. He looked so -- naked. So -- vulnerable -- I guess. And he looked really hot! Then I remembered the fines my pa had had to pay because Mike's fuckin old man had caught him stretching the building codes a little. His company lost some important prospective clients over that, too. If only Pa could see skinny girls naked lolita the DA's precious little Mikey now. He'd be so proud of me! And I was really getting off degrading this guy."Okay, cunt. At least you've remembered part of your instructions. You look ridiculous, by the way. A college man with no hair! Just remember to keep yourself that way, or you'll be in big trouble! Now. For this morning's program."I reached in the bag I'd brought with me and lolita nude 9 7 pulled out a pair of adjustable alligator clips I'd picked up at the local "adult store.""When you see me, I want you naked and on your knees unless otherwise instructed. Got that?"He index kds best lolitas shot me a look of . . . I can only call it hate . . . and sank to his knees."NO, shithead. Get up. I want you standing. What's the matter with you?"He stood, looking puzzled."Here, moron." When I fastened one of the clips to his left nip, he jerked back and groaned."Shut the fuck up, pussy! We need to give you a proper set of cuntboy tits. These will help." I put the other clip on his right nipple. This time, although he tensed up, he didn't groan.He stood there looking at me like he wanted to boil me in oil or something. Obviously we hadn't gotten as far yesterday as I had thought."Seen your fag of a dad yet?" I asked.He shook his head no."Well, you and the old man have a sweet lolita topsites kds lot to talk about. I suppose he spent the night with his queer boyfriend." When I said that, he looked even madder, so I figured I was right. "And I'll bet you spent the night wishing you had my dick up your ass, didn't you, pussyboy?"He just glared back.I sighed. "Okay, Mike. We need to go on with your training. Turn around and assume the position."He turned around and looked over his shoulder with a preteen lolita free sampel puzzled expression on his face."Bend over and spread you ass cheeks for me, bitch!"He did what I asked. I reached into the bag I'd brought and got some lube. "You have no idea, pussyboy, how nice I'm being to you." I took some of the jelly and smeared it on his rosebud. Then I took a dildo out of the bag. I spread some lube on it, and shoved it into Mikey's rectum, but not very gently."Christ!" he said."Ah, ah, ah, bitchboy. You aren't allowed to talk or say anything or make any noise without permission, remember?" I pushed the dildo the rest of the way into his fuckchute. After I flipped a switch in the base, and it began to buzz quietly, I went to the other side of the patio."Okay, turdbreath, get on your knees and knee walk over to me. But you'd better hold that thing in your ass with one hand, or it's liable to come out."He made a pathetic sight as he came toward me on his knees, with the clips on his tits which were still swollen from yesterday, holding the thing in his ass with his right hand.As he came toward me, I dropped my shorts. Since I'd been going commando, my hard dick popped out and was aimed toward his face. When he got close enough, I said, "You know what to do, dickslut. Go to it."MC:By the time I got to the bastard, my knees were bleeding from dragging them across the patio stones, not that he'd notice or care.Where yesterday Seth's dick extreme young prelolita porn had tasted mostly like soap, this time I could smell it before I even got there. He obviously hadn't had a shower this morning. I nearly gagged when I had to take it in my mouth.He noticed, of course. "Yeah, faggot. Ya think that smells bad? Well, I haven't washed it since It was up your shitty ass. And I fucked a chick last night, so there's dried pussy juice on it, too." He grabbed me by the ears and pulled me toward his stinking cock. "Enjoy, Mikey, enjoy!"I wondered what happened to his assurance the previous day that I would come to love this. He didn't even let me suck his cock. He face-fucked me, moving it back and forth rapidly. A couple of times his dickhead hit the back of my throat, and I gagged."We may as well get you broken in right, cocksucker." He pulled me forward and tilted my head back, so the angle between my mouth and throat diminished. Then he said, "Better breathe through your nose unless you want to yo 13 loli pic pass lolita angels top 100 out." Then he forced all the way down my throat. I could feel his wiry pubes on my lips. I thought for a minute I would pass out, and then I remembered to breathe through my nose like he said. Even so, it wasn't easy, and he was just holding his dick in there, not pumping or anything. It didn't take long before I began to be dizzy. I think it was when he saw my eyelids begin to flutter that he decided to pull out part way.With all of my attention focused on breathing, I let go of the dildo in my ass and suddenly I realized that it was sliding out. I grabbed it and pushed it back in. When I did, it hit my prostate, and lolita russian sex torture I saw stars. As disgusted as I was with his dirty dick in my very young lolita sex mouth, practically smothering me, I couldn't help the sensations that spread from my ass throughout my body. I must have moaned."Yeah, bitch. You like that, don't ya? You just love having both of your pussy holes filled at once. You are such a slut, Mikey. I wonder what that girlfriend of yours would say if she could x lolita foto galleries see you now? We'll have to get some pictures, won't we, boy?"My stomach contracted momentarily at the mention of Marcy seeing pictures of this. Or of anybody seeing this sick shit. lolita model pay sites Thank God Seth hadn't taken pix. So far. But then I forgot about pictures, and my sucking more or less went on autopilot because of what the dildo was doing. My dick began to ooze precum and twitch in time with my heart beat. Seth didn't miss any of that."See how good I am to you, bitch? Your cock tells the story, and no way can you deny you're turned on. I wonder, is it that dildo, or are you also hot because you've got underaged girls lolita sites my manmeat in your mouth?"I looked up to see him smirking down at me. I hated him intensely, but I couldn't deny the physical evidence. 13 yo lolitas bbs I was turned on to the max. I even began to wiggle my ass a little until I realized what I free lolita mpegs xxx was doing."Yeah, pussyboy, you're wiggling that pussy of yours because the dildo isn't enough, even with a vibrator. You want my cock up there, I free lolita hentai porn can tell."I wanted to scream "NO," but he was right. He pulled out of my mouth, told me to get up, and, when I did, gave me a push toward the chaise. I stumbled over there. He came up dark hole pics lolitas behind me and quickly yanked the dildo out. angel lola luv ass "Ouuh," I said."Now, pussyslut, lie down here on your back." As I was doing that, he grabbed my dick and wiped all the precum off of it onto his hand. The he used that hand to rub up and down his engorged tool."This will do for lube. Your hole is still slicked up from the dildo."He lifted my ankles with one hand and held them in the air. He aligned the head of his cock with my pucker and rammed it in. That took my breath away for a minute, but the pain quickly left. After all, my hole was still gaping open from having the dildo there for ten minutes or so. He put my legs over his shoulders and fucked me, slapping my ass from time to time. Whenever he did that, I, of course, contracted my ass muscles. That must have felt good, because he moaned every time I did. So, he pumped and slapped until soon we were both moaning.I hated Seth. I hated my father. Most of all, I hated myself. But what Seth was doing felt SO good! I never wanted him to stop. Every plunge of his cock sent electric shocks through me and I found I was hunching my ass up to meet his strokes."Yeah, cunt, I told you you'd get to love my dick up your boypussy. Look at you! You're bringing that ass up to meet me. You and me, we're gonna have some fun, Cronin."I wanted to glare at him, but I couldn't focus my eyes. I was too much into what was going on inside me, into the fantastic sensations. Then, I got that familiar feeling. I knew I was about to cum. I tried not to, but out it came, probably more than I'd ever cum before!"See, bitch! You fuckin love this! Face it, boy, you're no man. You're a goddamned pussy!" Then I felt a change inside me. I think I actually felt his gism as it rushed up through the cock I was tightly clutching with my assring. "Whoooeeee!" Seth shouted. "Take it! Take my seed, bitch!" And then I could feel his hot cum flooding my bowels.I'd like to say that I was miserable, that I was ashamed, that I felt terribly degraded. To tell the awful truth, I was on the highest high I've ever had. I wasn't thinking about being humiliated, I wasn't thinking about how much I hated the bastard Seth, I was simply in my own little warm, fuzzy world there for a while.Seth abruptly pulled his deflating cock out of my ass, anal lolita 12 yo slapped me again, and said, "Okay, boy. That's all for today. I've got things to do."He walked around to the other end russian uderage lolita bbs of the chaise and stuck his dick in my mouth. "Clean it up, punk!"That brought me down from my high in a hurry. Gross. But what could I do? I thought about biting his dick off, but of course I didn't. That wouldn't have solved my problem.Seth put his shorts back on. "Sit up, lolitas bolleras adulteras xxx boy."I sat on the chaise, my feet on the patio floor."Okay, fag, here's the way it's gonna be. I've gotta go, like I said. You stay naked. You keep those clips on your tits.""Seth, there's something you seem to have forgotten.""What's that, pussyboy?" he said, sneering at me."You promised no one would know about this if I did what you said. I've kept my part of the bargain. What happens when my dad comes home?"He thought about that. "Okay. You can wear clothes when I'm not here. Keep the clips on under your shirt and at night. I want to see those titties puffy and red. If you have your shirt off, you can take the clips off, but then people are going to wonder when they see your new girly tits. That's your problem. "I'll be back whenever I need to get my rocks off. Bye, bitchboy." With that, he turned and walked hot little cute loli out front to his car.I got bbs childtop loli photo up, found the gym shorts I had been wearing and pulled them on. I took off those damned clips. I wasn't going to wear those outside with my shirt off. And geez my nips hurt when I took the clips off. It took a while for the pain to go away. They looked disgusting, too, all sticking out and swollen and pointy. Seth was right, they were getting to look lolita nude art russia like a girl's. I thought about showering, but remembered I hadn't finished the lawn yesterday, so I got out the lawnmower and got the rest of that job done. My ass was a little tender, but not enough to keep me from finishing the lawn. Then I showered, put on some running shorts and a tee (which I could shed quickly if Seth came back), and fixed myself a sandwich.JK:I rushed home and developed the prints I'd taken that morning. If I was wrong about what I'd seen going on in Mike Cronin's back yard, I was about to be in fdree top lol models deep shit. He would probably kill me. On the other hand, if I was wrong, that probably meant he was gay, and I don't think gay guys are too much into beating other guys up. Damn! I was so confused. I wanted him to be gay, didn't I? But wouldn't that mean he and Seth Watkins were just getting it on? I don't think that's what was happening. Well, whatever. This might be a chance to get Mike to look at me, to free lolita photo gallery really recognize me for a change. your top 100 lolitas So I gathered up my stuff and drove to his house.MC:Just as I was putting my lunch dishes asian lolita angel creampie in the dishwasher, the doorbell rang. I scurried around and put the clips back on my nips (which hurt!), pulled my clean, loose-fitting tee on in case it wasn't Seth, and went to see who was in fact at the door.I recognized the guy standing there. It was Jason Kinsey. He was a year behind me in school, so he must have just graduated. Jason was always a quiet sort of guy. I didn't really know him except to say hello to. I knew he was into photography because a lot of his pictures were printed in the school newspaper and yearbook. I didn't know anything about his family or even where he lived. He got good grades, I think, because I had seen his name on the honor roll pretty regularly.Jason is Chinese-American. Because of his name I always assumed his mother was Chinese. He had what I think of as a typical Asian build. He was about 5'9", slight, but with a vee-shaped torso. He had a boyish round face, and he wore his black hair gelled and spiked up. He was dressed in a baggy lolita nudists top 100 tee and loose cargos. preteen lolitas sexy pics I was barefoot. He was wearing sandals."Jase," I said, "what brings you here?" small tits loli girls I stuck out my hand, which he took. His hand was cold, even though it was summer.It was then that I noticed he was holding a big manila envelope in his left hand. `Oh, God,' I thought to myself, lil preteen lolitas model `don't tell me he's come to blackmail me too!'He hadn't responded to my question about why he was there. He said "Hi, Mike" and then seemed at a loss for words."Well, guy, you're here, so you'd better come in." He stepped inside and I closed the door.He still seemed tongue-tied, so I tried to help him. "Do you have something you want to tell me?" I looked at the envelope in his hand. "Or show little lolita top model me?"He seemed to pull himself together. "Uh, yeah, Mike. I, uh, I've got something you need to see. Can we go sit down somewhere?""Sure," I said, as a chill ran down my spine. lolita nude pay preteen "Come on in the family room. Can I get you a soda? Or a beer?" (I figured if he had graduated from high school, he was legal.)"Oh, uh, no, thanks, Mike. I'm cool."As he walked ahead of me, I noted what a nice bubble butt he had. Then, I could feel myself blushing all over. I'm glad he had his back to me. When did I start checking out guys' asses?"Okay, Jase. Have a seat." I was acting a lot more calm than I felt, not knowing what was in that envelope."You must have just graduated a couple of weeks ago, right?"He seemed to relax a little. "Yeah. I was salutatorian, if you can believe that.""I can believe it. You and I didn't know each other very well, but I always knew you were smart."He smiled at that, and I noticed for the first time what a great smile he had. It looked as if he smiled all over, and there was a nice crinkle around his eyes. I wondered why he had always seemed to be such a loner. `Well, dufus,' a voice lolita pay site x inside me said, `he's not a jock, he's into photography, and he's very smart. Of course he's a loner.'"Are you planning on going to college this preteen sex loli dorki fall?"He smiled again, but he looked down at the floor as he said, "Yeah, I'll be at State, where you are, in the fall. I've got a scholarship and a part-time job, so I'll be able to make it.""Hey, Jase," I said, "that's great." This was like pulling teeth. "Sure you don't want a beer?""Well, maybe, if you're having one."Having just eaten, I didn't particularly want a beer, but this kid was so up tight I thought he needed one."Okay, hang on." I went to the kitchen, which opened out onto the family room, grabbed a couple of Stroh's, and handed him one.After he had popped his can and taken a swig, I said, "Now, do you want to tell me what's up?"He looked like he wanted to run. "Shit, Mike. Maybe I should just go. I can't do this. I'm sorry I bothered you."I looked him in the eye. "Jason, I don't have any idea why you are here. But now that you ARE here, why not just tell me? Spit it out. Let's get this over with."He took a deep breath. Then he took a big swallow of the beer. "Uh, Mike, you know that photography is more than just a hobby with me?""Yeah. And I know you're good at it." We had all seen lolita japanese girl models Jason wandering around school with more than one camera slung over his neck."Thanks, man. What you probably don't know is that I'm a birder, too.""A birder?" That was a totally new word to me."Yeah, you know, lollita modeling pay sites a bird watcher. I belong to the local birder's society.""Well, duh," I said. "Guess I should have figured that one out."He actually grinned at me. Then he serious again very quickly.He cleared his throat. "Well, Mike, you see, uh, yesterday I had a camera with a very powerful lens and a tripod and was walking lolita nymphets galleries bbs in those woods out back of your place. Someone told me there were rose-breasted grosbeaks nesting in there somewhere, and I was trying to spot them."God! I knew what was coming."Oh?""Yeah. But then I spotted you and Seth on little naked virgin lolitas your patio. I should have just kept on going, but, well, I guess I was just being nosy. I mean it's not like I am a peeping tom or anything, but it looked to me like Seth was making you do what you were doing. So I stuck around and watched.""Yeah?"He handed me the envelope. "I took these. If Seth really was forcing you to do all that, maybe they'll help little preeteens lolas models you."I looked inside with shaking hands. There were crystal clear 5 x 7" prints of Seth fucking me. In one, preteen lolita thumbs free his head was thrown back, his eyes were closed, and his mouth was hanging open. My face didn't show, but his clearly did. Better still, there were a couple of underage top lolitas bbs amazingly sharp pictures of Seth lolita free naked galleries with his finger up my hole and a couple more of Seth sucking on my nips. Then, ta dah! I found one of Seth sitting on my face. But, since my face was in his ass, you couldn't tell it was me. But it was sure Seth, who amatuer young teen lolita was looking toward the camera, again with his eyes closed, his tongue hanging out. But this time he had a big boner, sticking straight up!"Jason, I don't know what to say. This is wonderful. These will get the bastard off my back."Then, when I saw him grinning at me, I realized what I had said, and we both chuckled.JK:Well, though I had been scared shitless about how this was going to work out, it couldn't have gone better. The only problem occurred when he got up, came over to me, pulled me up, and hugged me. The problem? I immediately threw a boner. Even with baggy shorts, I'm sure he felt it.MC:We both sat down after I hugged him, I was so pumped I didn't know what to do or say. I took a big pull on my beer and then just grinned at him for a while."Jase, I don't know how to thank you man! Wow! It's so lucky for me that you were in the right place at the right time and that you took those pics."Then something occurred to me. "Hey, are these the only ones you took?"He actually blushed. "No, Mike, they aren't. I have a pretty complete photo record of everything that happened yesterday afternoon and this morning.""I see. And what are you going preteen nymphet lola bbs to do with them?" Obviously he had a lot more damaging pictures of me than he did of Seth."Oh, I still like to use film instead of digital for my bird pics. You can have the negatives and all my prints. Look, Mike, you gotta understand. I wasn't really sure Seth was forcing you to do anything. It tgp underground pre loli just looked that way to me. I couldn't actually hear you." Then he grinned. "Except when he was yelling as he came. So I was afraid you'd kill me if I told you I had preteens in shorts lolita been watching. Especially if what you two were doing was voluntary."I thought about that lolita nudist asian preteens for a minute. "Yeah, I can see that.""So, I just brought along the pics that I thought might help you `get Seth off your back.'"We both grinned again."Hey, Jase, sorry I was suspicious. I really owe you a lot. Let me start with an explanation.""Okay." He seemed a lot more relaxed. He finished his beer and set the can on the coffee table.I took our empties back to the kitchen and brought fresh ones."Seth and I have never liked each other. Our families have never liked each other. But I had no idea hot teen lollita gallery how much he hated me until yesterday. I'm still not sure why. I never did anything to him personally that I can recall."As I talked, Jason leaned back in his chair and sipped his beer, obviously more relaxed now. I noticed how both intelligence and sympathy showed in his face. I also noticed he'd thrown wood."Anyway, he arrived here yesterday. I can't tell free nude lolitas ilegales you what, exactly, but he had something that would be very hurtful to my family if he publicized it. You know that my dad, as a public official, has to be beyond reproach. If I didn't do everything he said, Seth was going to send it to the media.""I nymphets lolita erotic fantasies knew the two most popular dudes in school didn't have much use for each other, but I didn't know he was like that," Jason said."Beats me what's got him so mad at me. I may never know. But, Jase, you've given me what I need, I think, to make him back off. And, like I said, I don't know how to thank you.""Well, Mike, Seth's from a pretty influential family. You could start by keeping my name out of all of this. Please don't let him know where these pictures came from.""You got my word on that, man."Each of us sipped our beers in silence for a moment or two."Uh, Jase?" It was my turn to be nervous."Yeah, Mike?" He looked steadily at me with his sparkling black eyes."You know Seth blackmailed me to make me do all that stuff you saw, don't you?"He heaved a sigh that puzzled me and said, "Sure, Mike. I know."JK:So far, it had all worked out the way I had hoped it would. Now we were going to get to the part I dreaded. He was going to thank me again. He had just reminded me that he wasn't gay. Then he'd ask me once more about the pix I hadn't shown him. Being "straight," he'd worry about anybody seeing those. What he didn't know was the look on his face while Seth had been fucking him that very morning . . .MC:Looking back, I understand that sigh. At the time, it puzzled me. But I thought I had more important things to deal with."Well, guy," I said, "I can't tell you how grateful I am that you brought me these pics. But, uh, Jase, you did say that you'd give me the negatives, too. And these are the only copies?""Yeah, Mike. The negatives are in the envelope, and those are the only prints I made.""Great. Now, and I hate to be pushy, what about all the other things you took? You DID say I could have those."He smiled the tiniest little smile. "Yeah, Mike. I know you wouldn't want those to get out any more than you would whatever it is Seth has on your family."Oh, God! Here it came. He had given me the power to get free of Seth and had the means to keep me under his control, unless I wanted the whole town to see pictures of me in all sorts of degrading positions under preteen yo loli involving sex with Seth."True, Jason. Not only am I in your young pussy lolita bss debt bigtime, but you have me by the balls lolitas erotic model photo if you want to go that route. I'm trusting to your decency here.""Uh, Mike, could we have another beer?""Sure, guy."I got us each another, handed him his and sat back down, looking at him expectantly.Nervously, he took a swig. "Oh, fuck! You're gonna get the pix. I never intended to keep them from you. But before you get them, you have to promise to let me talk.""No problem. I'm listening.""When I saw you two yesterday, I was pretty sure Seth was somehow forcing you to do all that stuff. I couldn't hear what he was saying, but mouse in lolitas pussy through the camera lens I had a clear picture of you guys. Your body language and the expressions on your face showed me you hated him, didn't want to be doing what you were doing."He paused, lolita magazine little ls but I didn't interrupt."Well, I knew I couldn't come charging over here and make him let you alone, though that's what I really wanted to do. In the first place, ME make Seth Watkins do anything? Not likely! Then there was the outside chance that I was wrong, and that you two were just engaging in some outdoor sex. In which case, I'd be as welcome as a fart in church."As I lolta top tpg bbs tried not to snicker at his teen porn lolitas top figure of speech, I was realizing that this guy and I could have been friends in high school if I hadn't been so involved with my own little circle. He was obviously decent, smart, sincere. Not at all the nonentity I had smugly assumed he was."Yeah, Jase, I see your problem. So, go on.""Okay. I knew it was you and somebody. I used the camera zoom to see who else it was. Of course I recognized Seth. Everybody in our class knew you two, little lols 2 view even if you didn't have a clue who we lolita bbs pussy pics were.""Ouch! I promise you, underground lolita sex video I did know who you were. I'm just sorry nude loli lolitas heaven now we didn't know each other better when I was still there."He looked at me as if he were surprised by what I'd just said. "It occurred to me that tenns lolita 13yo gallery something was wrong, so I kept watching. I felt like a voyeur, naked nymphet lolitas models but I was worried about you. And the longer I watched, the more it seemed to me as if he was making you do all those things. Then it occurred to me that if I could get pics of him that showed him doing some gay stuff, they might be of use to you.""Jason, I have to say it again, guy, I'm really grateful for what you've done. But, tell me, how did you happen to know it was me if you couldn't recognize Seth?"He blushed. "Oh, I guess I've always know where you live, Mike. And I've been birding in those woods back there for years.""Funny. Wonder why I've never seen you."He grinned. lolita nude family nudist "The whole idea is not to scare the birds, to be as invisible as possible, Mike.""Oh, yeah, sure. Stupid me!"He stood up, putting his beer can alongside the others on the coffee table. "The rest of the pictures and the negatives are in the car. I'll go get them."He spy young lolita nude was back in a couple of minutes with another envelope, this one obviously stuffed with pictures."Mike, I'll let you look at these by yourself. You will probably be embarrassed by them, and you don't need me here."I took the envelope and threw it on the sofa. "Jason, you've saved my life, man. Seriously, you have made it so that I can pull my family up out of a big hole. I don't know how to thank you.""Hey, it's okay, man.""No, Jase, seriously, is there anything I can do?""Nah," he said, turning away, "like I said, it's okay. Glad you're gonna get back at Seth.""Has Seth ever been shitty to you?""No, not gloves fisting lolita xxx really. He was like you, he just mostly ignored me."I felt two inches high. "Damn, man. I'm so sorry. I realize now how much I was missing out on by not knowing you better. I hope you'll forgive me.""No forgiveness necessary, Mike. You had your circle of friends. You were one of the big wheels. I was just a camera nerd. free asian lolita nude I know that."I put a hand on each of his shoulders. preteen lolitas extreme pedo "Like I said, Jase, I was a shit. And I see that. If there's anything, anything at all I can do to thank you for saving my ass and to make up for being so self-centered in high school, won't you tell me what it is?"He gave me another one of his shy smiles. "Well, yeah, there is something.""What?""Could you be my friend?"I've always prided myself on having my emotions under control, but at that moment I teared up a little. I hugged him . . . and felt his hardon. I decided I'd better just free naturist lolita pictures ignore that."Oh, Jason, you've got a friend. How could I not be your friend after today? I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. We've got the summer when we can spend time together, and you'll be on campus next year, so I can watch out for the fresher."He beamed. lolita nudes pictures movies "Damn, Mike, that sounds good. And, you know, there is just one other thing.""Yeah? What is it. illegal nude russian lolita 14 16 years lolitas You name it, man."He picked up the second envelope, the one that was bulging, fished around in it for a moment, pulled out a print, and handed it to me.I gasped. There I was, being fucked by Seth. I was showing major wood, and I had this look of total bliss on my face."Mike, do you suppose you could put a look like that on my face?"(To be continued.)
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